Restaurant Week, Where Art Thou?

7 Jul
Restaurant Week

Keep chefs busy, book a table for Restaurant Week. Coming to a city near you!

Restaurant Week is a glorious time for foodies. For one week (and often much longer) participating restaurants offer special pre-fixe menu deals for lunch and dinner. Restaurant Weeks are going on virtually all year round, all over the United States, but catching them is sometimes easier said than done. For example New York City’s observance of this foodie phenomenon starts next week, on Monday July 11th.

It is amazing that the sponsors of these events haven’t gotten together to put up a site that lists the dates in all the participating cities around the country (hint, hint!) Especially since Restaurant Week doesn’t only happen in major US cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, or L.A. Smaller cities like Hartford, CT, Norfolk, VA, and Providence, RI get in on the action as well. And sometimes there is even a Restaurant Week celebration that is organized by region or state, hello Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Where restaurants located in different cities and small towns all over a specific county or other geographically outlined area offer special “Restaurant Week” pre-fixe menus.

For those of you who don’t know, the pre-fixe menu is a beautiful thing to behold. It is usually made up of three courses: appetizer, entrée, and dessert all for one set price not including drinks. Most restaurants offer a few selections for each course and if they have wine pairing options even better! It’s a great way to sample a lot of food for less money and definitely take advantage of the sommelier’s wine pairing suggestions to enhance your meal.

Here is a list of some upcoming Restaurant weeks:

 This is a great idea for a date night just get your reservations in early because these great deals do sell out! And review the restaurant afterwards, it’s only polite!


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