Benvenuti in Italia Jersey Shore!

4 Aug
Jersey Shore Cast

The pop culture phenoms film in Italy for the 4th installment of Jersey Shore.

To help celebrate the premiere of the Jersey Shore season 2, Rachel Ray had the cast on her show and cooked a special Italian meal for the occasion of hot sausage, pepper and onion ragu with rigatoni and provolone besciamella. Now that we are about to embark on season 4 which takes place in Italy no less, we started to get hungry all over again for some authentic Italian cuisine.

And then we took a look at the preview and completely lost our appetite! What these young people won’t do only goodness knows, but there are sure to be no dull moments watching these grenades fist-pump their way through Florence. Yeah I said it, they are themselves the grenades they constantly strive to avoid . . . ironic don’t you think?! The antics of this depraved bunch will translate about as well as Ronnie’s Italian style Ron-Ron Juice, but that’s what makes them such good television.

And who knows, perhaps Italy will broaden their horizons and without the same GTL access they will become a little less Guido and get in touch with their Italian roots. One can dream anyway, and since we’re dreaming we’d love to dream up some Penne Arrabbiata and Tiramisu. Hmmmmm, maybe our appetite wasn’t lost after-all and we’ll meet you at the nearest Buca di Beppo!


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