“Hurricanes” Are All Over the US. . . As Restaurants

25 Aug

Hurricane Irene may only just touched down in Florida, but there are plenty of restaurants in the sunshine state that call themselves “Hurricane.” Tropical storms are in season during late summer for the lower eastern seaboard of the US and sometimes they do great damage to the coastline and then some; costing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in repairs to homes, offices, and restaurants alike. Irene is currently a category 3 storm and as the East Coast braces for impact we get a kind of quirky kick out of the fact that a significant amount of eating establishments call themselves after these violent tempests.

What does come as no surprise is that many of these restaurants are located in states that have coastlines,  located close

hurricane seafood restaurant in St Pete Beach, FL

Hurricane Seafood Restaurant in St Pete Beach, FL

to bodies of water (often with a view), and specialize in seafood. Hurricane Seafood Restaurant in St. Pete Beach, FL has been around since 1977 and features fresh, locally caught seafood on the menu and beautiful views within walking distance from the beach.

An exception would be the chain restaurant, Hurricane Grill & Wings which has very little fish on the menu and even has locations in land-locked Arizona and Indiana. They are however currently offering a contest where the prize is a trip to the Dominican Republic. Just wait a few weeks to book your trip!

So whether you’re running to the grocery store to stock up or going to weather the storm and keep your reservations, be safe this weekend everyone.

N.B. The Boca Raton, FL location for Hurricane Grill & Wings is located on Powerline Road! Really? Really though? LOL


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