Will Tablets Revolutionize Your Dining Experience?

2 Sep
presto e la carte

Presto E La Carte the new tableside tablet streamlines the dining experience.

Ever since Apple launched the iPad, tablets have been embraced by people of all ages across the country. Even if you’re skeptical of tablets and their practicality, it has been predicted that within eighteen months a tablet could easily make its way into your hands. This prediction, even if you’re not a tablet owner, may be more likely to become true than ever because tablets are poised to become a regular fixture on the tables of your favorite restaurants.


The Presto by E La Carte, a company founded out of MIT, is a new tablet dedicated to the restaurant and hospitality related industries that will allow consumers to order, pay a bill, and even play games right from their table without having to wait for a server. Currently in beta testing in San Francisco and Boston, the Presto reported an increase in the average bill by 10-12% because consumers can easily act on their impulses and sudden cravings as well as a 7 minute decrease off the duration of the average meal, allowing restaurants to turn over tables faster. Other major benefits include an eighteen hour battery life. The cost for each tablet owned by an establishment is estimated at $100 per month.

So far, Presto E La Carte has signed 100 eateries with a waiting list of 150. Co-founder Rajat Suri states within three to five years, you will see this technology on eighty percent of restaurant tables. There are just too many advantages for restaurants not to do it. Suri claims that the tablet will not replace actual wait staff, it is only meant to support them but what effect will the tablets have on diner’s proclivity to tip?

Have you come across the Presto E La Carte during one of your dining experiences? We want to hear your feedback!


2 Responses to “Will Tablets Revolutionize Your Dining Experience?”

  1. Elizabeth405 November 9, 2011 at 6:44 pm #

    What restaurant can I go experience this in? You don’t mention that in the article.

    • restrow November 10, 2011 at 8:29 am #

      They are all in the silicone valley area of California as far as we can tell. Surprisingly restaurants are not necessarily advertising that they have E La Carte and there hasn’t been any news about them since this summer. One place that we do know for sure who has them is the Firehouse (www.firehousegrill.com.) they have two locations, Sunnyvale & Palo Alto, CA.

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