Like Us! Restaurants on Facebook

15 Sep

Like your favorite restaurants on Facebook and you might be saving money the next time you dine out!

Restaurants are slowly but surely jumping on the social media bandwagon. Historically lax at marketing themselves, even the smallest of ‘Mom and Pop” restaurants may finally have found a type of advertising that works . . . and it’s cheap! With over 700 million users worldwide, the large restaurant chains especially are utilizing Facebook as a way to reach out to potential customers and let them know about specials, events, and even promotions & discounts. But social network marketing can be beneficial to smaller restaurants as well, word of mouth spreads exponentially faster through social media and most of a users “friends” will probably be in their same area, making them potential customers as well. And with this in mind, it makes sense for us diners to “like” places we actually like so that we can take advantage of deals and never miss another event.

For example, Applebee’s just recently launched their new “Check-In and Win” contest. All you have to do is go to Applebee’s on Monday night to watch football and check in through Facebook Places. The restaurant will provide a QR code to scan with your smart phone to make sure the check-in is valid. Each week you check-in gives you the chance to instantly win an Applebee’s Digital gift card for $5, $10 or $20. Also, every check-in is  an entry into a sweepstakes offered by Applebee’s and ESPN where the grand prize winner will receive an “ESPN Full Experience Package.”  The Grand prize includes three days and two nights in New York City (to visit ESPN headquarters) and Bristol, Connecticut (for a tour of the ESPN center studios.) The winner will also receive $200 worth of merchandise out of the ESPN exclusive store and an Applebee’s $200 gift card so they can enjoy the restaurant chain’s food while on their trip. All for doing what so many of us do anyway, talk about “eating good in the neighborhood?!”


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