This Week Dine Out For A Cause

19 Sep

No Kid Hungry Dine Out logoShare Our Strength’s Dine Out for No Kid Hungry event is running all this week until Saturday, September 24th. To participate all you have to do is eat out at one of the thousands of restaurants and restaurant chains participating across the country to donate to the No Kid Hungry program. The main goals of the program include:

  • Getting food to kids who need it when the school year is not in session
  • Helping schools to provide nutritious breakfast options
  • Providing kids with healthy meals/snacks in afterschool programs
  • Connecting families in need to aid programs like WIC and SNAP
  • Teaching families how to provide affordable, healthy meals at home

We really like this program because not only does it strive to get food to those who need it, but it concentrates on two important  factors that will help achieve their goal; getting public schools involved and educating families about quality nutrition. It seems like such a small thing, but the availability of nutritious meals is a basic need for growing bodies and minds. For example we’ve all seen commercials for healthy breakfast options for kids where the child who had a pop tart has no energy versus the one who has had a more complete meal and is whizzing through their day at school. Also since kids spend so much time at school, kids are eating two or more meals and snacks there a day so the responsibility of making sure there are quality meal options available for all kids lies with schools as well.

school cafeteria line

No Kids Hungry Program partners with public schools to improve meal options.

So many people are stuck in the mindset that fresh, healthy food is unaffordable or too time consuming to prepare; and too many kids are eating fast food and school food for three meals a day at least five days a week. And while a lot of fast food chains have added healthier items to their menus, meals prepared at home are almost always healthier and fresher. If you are dining out this week, find out where you can support this worthy cause and learn more about the No Kid Hungry Program.


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