The Two Faces Of Gordon Ramsay

23 Sep
Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay shows you what you don't want to know about the places where you dine out.

Season three of Gordon Ramsay’s show, “Kitchen Nightmares” premieres tonight at 9pm EST on FOX and I can’t wait! Yesterday I finally watched last season’s finale where Ramsay visited one of the worst restaurants I have ever seen, Oceana in New Orleans. His mission was to take this mouse infested, spoiled food serving, total catastrophe of a restaurant and make it a place where people might actually consider eating food. Of course the fun part is watching Ramsey as he shames the restaurant owners and chefs after touring their establishment and tasting their food. But they invite him to do this so he can come up with suggestions for improvements.

Ramsay to me is one of the most brutally honest, pulls no punches, borderline rude hosts on television. Between “Kitchen Nightmares” and his other show, “Hell’s Kitchen”, this man’s scathing remarks and bleeped out commentary make Simon Cowell look like a complete softy. But this is why it is so hilarious to see Ramsay on his other FOX show, MasterChef. Here he is one of three judges, mentoring a cast of amateur cooks who are competing for a life-changing grand prize, its network TV’s answer to “Top Chef.”  And the Gordon Ramsay you see on this show is just such a contrast, he is patient and comforting, to watch him you’d think he’d never cussed a day in his life. Is this man a schizophrenic?Gordon Ramsay devil

 Either way there is no disputing the fact that Gordon Ramsay is an amazingly talented and successful chef who is awesomely entertaining to watch on TV. And quite possibly the hardest working man in the food industry with multiple TV shows and dozens of restaurants all over the world. Hmmm maybe that’s why he’s so nuts?!  Have a look at the two faces of Gordon Ramsay and see for yourself!

About 2:15 minutes in, it gets real!!

But on MasterChef he’s downright friendly!


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