Alcohol At the Movies, Yay or Nay?

29 Sep

New York State passes law allowing alcohol to be sold at movie theatres.

Soon New Yorkers might be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with their movie-going experience thanks to a new state law that was passed stating that any theatre with a sitdown eatery on premises and a license to serve alcohol will be allowed to extend that license to include the actual theatre as well. This is great news for anyone that has been craving something a little stronger than diet coke to go with their Junior Mints.

AMC Theaters, one of the country’s largest movie theatre chains has “Dine-In” theatre locations where guests have access to a sit down dining area within the theatre and in some locations even special seating within the screening rooms which allow you to sit comfortably with a plate of real food as you watch a film. Right now there are only six “Dine-In” theatres in the country so it’s not surprising to hear AMC spokesman Ryan Noonan say, “We’re excited about the possibility of bringing AMC Dine-In Theatres to our guests in New York.” Boutique movie theatres like Williamsburg’s Nitehawk Cinemas in Brooklyn which also already serves food to movie-goers will benefit from the new law as well.

It has been said that state lawmakers are hoping his new law will boost sales for struggling movie theatres by “drawing in mature adults” who presumably are wanting to have dinner, drinks and see a movie all in the same place. Sounds like a good idea and but my thing is this, if the average movie theatre price of a bottle of water is $4 how much are they going to charge you for a mojito?! I don’t see moviegoers lining up to pay $25 for a rum and coke. And who’s to say all these adults who are now going to be rushing to go see movies are “mature?” On the other hand, at least a nice cold one would take the edge off of having to sit through another sappy rom-com. What do you think?


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