“Let’s talk about iPhone”

4 Oct

iPhone 5?!! Nope iPhone 4S, but still cool nontheless.

Today Apple had another press conference addressing the launch of new software like iOS 5 and hardware for the new iphone. We’d hoped it would be the much anticipated iphone 5, but the iphone 4S still looks pretty cool. Is it me or does it seem like more people tune in to hear what Apple has to say than they do the President? Ok that’s for another blog, but the debut of Apple’s latest phone did remind me of how far we’ve come technology-wise and how it has affected the restaurant industry in particular and those of us who like to dine out.

At first cell phones started off as being a sign of prestige; if you saw someone at the next table with a cell phone (yes even one of those big clunky ones) it afforded the owner the same symbol of status as a Rolex watch. But then it rang and interrupted your pleasant dinner and suddenly this “high roller” is no longer cool, but a pest. So some restaurants, especially fine dining establishments began asking guests to abstain from using their phones at the table lest they disturb fellow diners. As we became more and more dependent on our phones (they say some of us are even addicted) it has become almost impossible to enforce such a rule as so many of us require the use of our phones for business and since everyone has one, they kind of cancel each other out.

Cell phones also have become really useful to restaurants in attracting diners to their establishments through apps. The iphone in particular lead the way with apps that helped diners find restaurants that they might not otherwise have known about and then share that information with friends via social media and check in at restaurant locations so that others can see where and even what they’re eating. So there are negatives and positives to allowing the use of cell phones at the table, iphones or otherwise, for restaurants. But for now at least (since the iphone 5 is still in concept stages) having a hologram pop up at the table next to you is not yet an issue.


2 Responses to ““Let’s talk about iPhone””

  1. BHGH October 4, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    I thought this was a very interesting and insightful piece. I would also have to agree that more people want to hear what Apple has to say than the president.

    Excellent coverage on this story.

    Keep up the good work.

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