The Return of the McRib! McReally?

25 Oct

McDonald's brings back the McRib . . . for a limited time only!

McDonald’s has brought back the elusive and apparently highly coveted McRib sandwich now through November 14, 2011. For the second time in two years this boneless pork patty, slathered in sautéed onions, pickles and BBQ sauce will be available for this limited time at participating McDonald’s locations. What is it about the rare appearance of this sandwich that makes people so nuts? Fans of the McRib erect websites and blogs petitioning for its return and notifying other fanatics when it becomes available.

The McRib is renowned (believe it or not) for its quality and before making its return in 2010, the McRib hadn’t been available nationally for 16 years. Its return last year generated a 4.8% sales increase in the US, demonstrating just how passionate consumers are about the McRib even after being absent for so long!

Does Michelle know about this?!

McDonald’s has made a lot of changes to its menu over the years, most of which have been towards healthier options so why is the McRib which is 500 calories, 40% fat, and has 980 mg of sodium so popular? Well it does have 40 calories less than a Big Mac, but even so . . . I think it comes down to this – even with all the facts we have about the harm of fast food, sometimes you just gotta go for the stuff that tastes like the guilty pleasure it is. Good thing it only comes around once in a blue!


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