Trick or Treat, Smell My… Takeout?

28 Oct

It's All Hallow's Eve weekend! Scare up some special treats by dining out.

We love October! There is always a slew of horror movies on TV, Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks bring back pumpkin flavored coffee (I’ve had 3 this week!), and it’s Halloween! Restaurants must love it too because according to the National Restaurant Association one-fifth of Americans will be ordering takeout or delivery on Halloween presumably so they won’t have to cook while passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. N.B. to restaurant owners you might want to offer some deals or Halloween themed menu items (#I’mjustsaying!)

Jekyll & Hyde Restaurant in NYC is spooky all year long!

Or if you feel like venturing out for treats you could always go out to a scary theme restaurant, like Jekyll & Hyde in New York City or check out any of these “Haunted Happenings”in Salem, MA.  There are even some restaurants that have a history of being haunted! 

1859 Café This restaurant is located in Hickory, NC and is supposedly haunted by a young blonde woman. It is unclear who the woman is or why she is there but she has been seen mostly by the restaurant’s staff after their shifts. The owners are a little skeptical but when they were taking a picture of the restaurant a young woman can be seen walking out of the restaurant in the developed picture. I guess you’ll have to dine in and see for yourself.

Beardslee CastleThese ghosts are a little more invasive than the one at 1859 Café. At this restaurant located in Little Falls, NY there have been stories of ghosts setting tables, shattering glass, and moving other objects. One of the ghosts is thought to be a former owner who hung himself in the restaurant. (Yeah we’re a little freaked out by this one too.)

Catfish PlantationIt is unclear who may be haunting this restaurant in Waxahachie, TX but since 1984 the owners have been experiencing some strange things. Diners have noticed toilets flushing themselves, a piano suddenly playing, and doors unlocking and locking. Sounds like a fun house to me!

Whatever you decide to do this Halloween weekend, have fun and be safe!


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