Cold & Hungry: Aftermath of a Freak Snow Storm

4 Nov

Just in time for Halloween! The snow storm forced states to postpone trick-or-treating disappointing kids across the Northeast.

It’s been a week since the Northeast was hit by a freak snow storm disappointing trick-or-treaters and leaving millions without electricity. According to the Huffington Post here are the totals of people without power by state:

  • Connecticut – 433,000 customers without power, down from more than 800,000
  • Maryland – only scattered outages remain, down from more than 40,000
  • Massachusetts – more than 140,000 without power, down from more than 670,000
  • New Hampshire – about 34,000 without power, down from 315,000
  • New Jersey – about 91,000 without power, down from 700,000
  • New York- about 35,000 without power Wednesday morning, down from more than 300,000
  • Pennsylvania – about 31,500 without power, down from about a half-million

    Damage like this wasn't unusual after the storm!

While companies like Connecticut Light and Power have been working around the clock to repair the damages there are still thousands of people who are unable to turn on a light or use a stove. Many have found safety and comfort in shelters, but for those of you toughing it out at home: what have you been eating?! We knew Halloween weekend was going to a big time for takeout and delivery but for the whole week after too?! To all my fellow Northeasterners: are there any deals out there because we’re in the same boat, we’re without power too!


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