Thankful For Restaurants

17 Nov

It looks like there will be fewer turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving as more people are making restaurant reservations this year and won't have the famous leftovers.

Thanksgiving is just a week away! It’s a favorite amongst holiday enthusiasts because it’s for everyone regardless of religion, there’s a four day weekend, it kicks off the holiday sales, and an abundance of good food is guaranteed. But having all that company over for Thanksgiving dinner and cooking for all those people can be a lot of pressure on the family chef. That’s why more and more people are making reservations at restaurants or ordering prepared food to-go from their favorite eateries.

I remember growing up most restaurants were closed on Turkey Day and sometimes even the Friday after. As if there was some unwritten rule that Thanksgiving is not only a day of thanks but also a day for mom to prove her culinary prowess and overall awesomeness by slaving over a hot stove. But now it’s socially acceptable to forgo all the hoopla and take the fam out to eat for the nearest Thanksgiving menu offering. Maybe today’s moms are secure enough in their “momhood” to not feel threatened by somebody else’s cooking?

According to a survey conducted by the National Restaurant Association, approximately 14 million Americans will eat at restaurants this Thanksgiving and an additional 16 million Americans will order take-out.  Besides the convenience factor (no cooking means no cleaning!) what are the other pros for eating out? Could it be that Boston Market’s mac & cheese is better than yours? Is Cracker Barrel halfway between your and your aunt’s house?  Or is the pre-fix menu at Ruth’s Chris healthier than your cousin’s usual heart attack inducing dishes? Eating out definitely leaves more time to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, catch the football game or go out to see the latest Muppets movie. Whether you are going five-star, family style, or carrying out you better start making your plans fast because you are not alone!


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