NBA Lockout Is Over! Maybe

28 Nov

The return of basketball means a return to work for those who work at stadiums like Madison Square Garden.

This year has been pretty traumatic for sports fans; two lockouts, the second resulting in a stalled NBA basketball season. But after this holiday weekend we may have something else to be thankful for . . . a “tentative agreement” has been reached between the NBA players and owners. All that’s left to be done is for both sides to sign on the dotted line and Santa will bring us a triple header season opener on Christmas Day!

I don’t think basketball inspires its fans to watch the game with friends at the local watering hole the way that football does during its regular season, but perhaps with all this extra anticipation we will see some “back to basketball” deals at happy hour. One can dream at least.

While it may not have the sports bar tradition of beer and wings like football, basketball fans definitely do turn out for the live games. I’m sure that arenas around the country are glad they won’t have to fill an entire season’s worth of slots to fill the void left by cancelled basketball games. As a Knicks fan, this lockout has been particularly disheartening because I was really looking forward to an entire season of A’mare and Carmelo after we finally made it to the playoffs last season for the first time in 10 years!

Mar'e and Melo as well as Madison Square Garden and basketball fans everywhere might soon have somthing to smile about again.

Fingers crossed for Chris Paul to make the move from the Big Easy to the Big Apple! Then New York will have it’s own “Big Three” (take that Miami!) And that would be the best Christmas present ever . . . and provide the perfect occasion for heading out to the sports bars to take in some b-ball.


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