From Godfather’s Pizza to the GOP

29 Nov

Is it all over for the former Godfather of pizza? Herman Cain announced that he is "re-assessing his campaign for the Presidency."

Herman Cain‘s run for the Republican Presidential nomination might soon be coming to an end. Not that I’m surprised at this, but it is surprising that it is the sexual allegations he faces that will be his undoing and not the fact that he exhibits so little of the intelligence and poise that should be required of the Leader of the Free World. He wouldn’t be the first politician to survive a sexual scandal (Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton) and at least it would have made him more interesting. His platform is so conservative and simple that it comes off (at least to me) a little like ignorance and a severe lack of awareness of the world we live in.

This week, Ginger White, a business woman from Atlanta alleged that she carried on an extramarital affair with Cain for over a decade (now that’s interesting to say the least!)  And since this is the second accusation of sexual impropriety against the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and former President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, it doesn’t look good for him in the race for the Presidency. Perhaps the problem is that these offenses have occurred before he has yet to hold public office?

Now I am not by any means knocking Cain’s accomplishments in the restaurant business world. Being the head of two successful enterprises in this industry is completely respectable and not an easy achievement. But he doesn’t seem to be transitioning well from pizza to politics. This 2012 race for the Presidency is not the first time he has run for office nor even the first time he has run for President. Cain ran for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2000 and in 2004 he ran for the US Senate seat in the state of Georgia, but lost in the primaries.

Isn’t it suspicious that the Republicans criticized Obama in 2008 for being too inexperienced, but now are embracing Cain as their front runner even though he has never won a political race? Food for thought. At least President Obama was a Senator and had engaged in politics at an international level. And I know that the Democrats are just as capable of slinging mud as the Republicans, but as far as über conservative and yet potentially adulterous Herman Cain is concerned I’d prefer it if he’d stuck to slinging (and singing about) pizzas!


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