White Castle Goers “Crave” Beer & Wine

22 Dec

"Would you like a six pack with that sack of 10?"

I have always thought of White Castle as the kind of place you go after the party. It’s open late so you can swing by on your way home from a night out and hopefully those greasy balls of goodness they call hamburgers will soak up the alcohol and make tomorrow more managable. White Castle sliders are the perfect late night snack: quick, cheap, and delicious . . . and you’re usually too tired to be bothered with things like nutritional value. In fact White Castle so excels in this nitche there’s even a movie about it.

But now a White Castle in Lafayette, IN has decided to serve beer, starting at $3 and wine, for $4.50. They are not the first fast food restaurant in America to offer alcoholic beverages. Earlier this year Burger King opened the Whopper Bar in Miami’s South Beach, offering beer and Starbucks has been testing beer and wine at a few locations on the west coast since 2010. 

Large fast food chains are always looking for opportunities for growth, especially in this more health conscious environment they need to retain and increase sales. So it’s no surprise that White Castle would consider selling alcoholic beverages. So far customers have had a positive reaction in Indiana, but White Castle, like many other fast food chains would probably face challenges trying to sell beer and wine on a wider scale.

Usually fast food places cater a lot to families and small children and a lot of the staff that works at these establishments is under the age of 21. So logistically, there would have to be some re-marketing strategies implemented to help with people’s expectations as well as training staff to serve alcohol. I don’t know how I feel about this new development, but I can see beer and wine being sold at Starbucks before I could see it on the menu next to a Whopper Jr. or a Crave Case.

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3 Responses to “White Castle Goers “Crave” Beer & Wine”

  1. Johnny K December 23, 2011 at 11:37 pm #

    Matching the burger quality at White Castle would mean pouring Ripple and Mad Dog as wine selections, and serving Miller or Bud with the fish sandwich. Yumm. Sorry but it’s true, those late nights prowling for something to eat after midnight is not a search for taste as much as for filling a gastric space or quenching the munchies. Probably best to restrict alcohol sales to before 12:00 am because some clientele can get a little dicey later on. Also, the fast food is not typically a sit down in the establishment meal, more likely to be gobbled up in the car. Do we really want to include alcohol in that scenario?


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