Restaurant Resolutions

3 Jan

Adam Richman visited food trucks across the country on one of the episodes. Here he is talking to Wafels and Dinges owner, Thomas Degeest

Happy 2012! Now that we’re in a new year, everyone is setting new goals for themselves and restaurants are no different! The restaurant resolutions for 2012 are looking to move towards healthy and sustainable food choices but also the mobile or even pop up restaurant fads are still going strong.  With the help of sources like, Restaurant News here are some trends that we should be looking out for this year:

American Regionalism –  Shows like “Man vs. Food” and its host, Adam Richman have put us on to the variations of cuisine you could find across the United States. With buying local also trending at the moment, it has been even more interesting to see what people around the country are doing with food from “their own back yards.” 

Double Sided Menus – We’re all looking to indulge every once in a while but lately there has been a push for restaurants to provide healthier options. After the NRA implemented the Kids Live Well campaign and First Lady Michele Obama and Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the USDA’s new food icon, MyPlate, restaurants have felt the heat and have started to change up their menus. Consequently we get double sided menus. So this year, according to Mintel Menu Insights restaurantss will continue to feature indulgent items, but will be balanced by healthier options.

MyPlate replaced the Food Pyramid on June 2, 2011

Slow Things Down A Bit – Yes we want to eat, but what happened to the dining experience? All too often I have felt rushed out of a restaurant because they wanted to turn over tables. In 2012 restaurants are anticipated return to ‘more time-intensive preparation methods’ where they might have taken some short cuts in the past. To start you’ll notice words like “handmade” or “home style” popping up more on menus; lowering the risk of the dreaded sauce from a can on your spaghetti when you’re dining at an Italian restaurant, a big no no!

Have you seen any restaurants starting to change their ways yet? What other changes or trends do you expect to become popular for 2012?


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