Restaurant Row’s mission is to help people find and share information on Restaurants.

In 1994 an “eat out too much” foodie named Jim, literally in his garage, created The Diners Grapevine, where restaurants could pay for an online listing, 6 restaurants signed up. Probably the only 6 restaurants with a computer in those days.

One year and a million keystrokes later, Jim moved to the campus of SUNY Purchase and built such a “neat database” for restaurants, that he was able to strike a deal that left him with information on over 7,000 restaurants. And that list became www.restaurantrow.com.

Very quickly people began searching this database and then sending Jim emails about their dining experiences. Not missing a beat, Jim created a “review it” button and born was one of the first restaurant information and review websites.

By 1997, Restaurant Row was providing free listings for restaurants and the site was one of the largest databases of restaurant information and services in the world with information on more than 130,000 restaurants in 10,000 cities and towns.

In 2009 we decided that data alone was not enough and that to truly serve a community you must build a community. So the team regrouped and set out to build this current design iteration. Now www.restaurantrow.com is helping customers find and share information on Restaurants, not just online but on every digital device you can think of.

Currently our database covers over 198,648 restaurants, 31,847 reviews, 80,000 menus and growing every second. As in the past, restaurantRow.com will always strive the best place to search and find restaurants.


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