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National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day

1 Jul

Celebrate National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day today, July 1st! Summer is here and what better way to enjoy and cool down than with a creative ice cream flavor? Ice cream has always been a summertime favorite, but with ice creameries like Ben & Jerry’s, Cold Stone Creamery, and Maggie Moo’s, the flavor selection has come a long way from vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day invites us to indulge in a sweet treat and try something new. Here is a list of our top 10 most creative food and drink inspired ice cream flavors.

avocado flavored ice cream

My Creative Flavors Blog's recipe for avocado ice cream

1. Avocado Ice Cream with Lemon Juice: the basis for guacamole or for this new ice cream flavor? This may turn into your new favorite summer snack!

2. Mojito Ice Cream: A summer drink favorite and cool treat all wrapped in one.

3. Foie Gras & Caviar Ice Cream: some things just should not be food let alone ice cream.

foie gras and caviar ice cream

Foie gras and caviar ice cream by French creative ice cream maker, Philippe Faur.

4. Guinness Ice Cream: Just one of many beer flavored ice creams being enjoyed today.

5. Mashed Potato Ice Cream: For meat and potatoes lovers, mash it up with this dinner-time staple.

6. Jack Daniels Ice Cream: Being the best selling whiskey in the world, it’s only natural for this liquor to be the basis of an ice cream flavor.

7. Goat Cheese Ice Cream: enjoy this flavor by pairing it with some crackers and red wine, preferably a Sancerre or a Vouvray.

8. Candied Bacon Ice Cream: It’s bacon, enough said!

candied bacon flavored ice cream

David Lebovitz's experimental candied bacon flavored ice cream

9. Buffalo Wing Ice Cream: The blue cheese and celery may not be on the side of this dish, but try it as a game time snack.

10. Sweet Chai Latte: And finally one you can find at your local supermarket! Haagen-Dazs comes up with this cool limited edition.

So pick a flavor, any flavor! National Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day is the sweet way to get the ball rolling in celebration of the July 4th holiday weekend. What are some of your favorite wacky ice cream flavors?