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March Is For Madness

14 Mar

March Madness grips us all, even the President! Check out Obama's picks for the men's and women's NCAA tournament!

Attention sports fans, the NCAA March Madness is upon us! It’s the most exciting time of year for college hoops, there’s betting and basketball rivalries, and debates over who will be the NBA and WNBA stars of tomorrow. This year will be the first time all 67 games in this year’s NCAA tournament will be televised nationally so that everyone can watch every game! Even the President is getting in on the action, you can check out Obama’s very own bracket predictions on his Obama Bracket website! So how do you get in on the fun you ask?

Well obviously first you want to take on Obama to see if your bracket picks make it farther than his, but then my next suggestion is to gather your friends and head to some sports bars! Whether you’re a college basketball fanatic or neophyte, watching these exciting games with a group is always better. Especially if you can get some deals on wings or nachos and some drink specials at the same time! But sometimes even choosing a place to watch the games be a challenge, especially in a big city where sports bars can be found on every block!

New York Magazine recognizes this and has created a bracket for the top 32 NYC sports bars! If you’re not in the New York area use the RestaurantRow.com’s mobil app to find a sports bar near you and don’t forget to submit a review. And don’t be afraid to hit up the chain restaurants either. Applebees’s and Buffalo Wild Wings have ample TV’s and even games and contests for diners to participate in!

Don’t be sexist, make sure to check out the women’s games as well, these ladies play hard and can ball like crazy!