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It’s Feb 29th, Prices Take a Leap!

29 Feb

It's Leap Year, any excuse to offer a deal is a good one, right?!

Despite what we learned in grade school, our planet actually takes 365 1/4 days to revolve around the sun. To catch up on the annual six extra hours, we add a day to our calendar every four years to keep us in sync with the sun. Without leap day, our seasons would shift and over time we’d literally end up celebrating Christmas in July.

In celebration of this rare occasion retailers are offering deals to intice you into their establishments for the “holiday.” And restaurants (chains as well as mom and pop’s) are no exception. We’ve heard whispers of special deals at fast food establishments, like menu items for $0.29 or sit down eateries like Denny’s promoting 29% off your check. Some places like Outback Steakhouse are offering a chance to win four years of free Outback if you visit their facebook page.

Today only save 29% off your bill at Denny's

Other deals include:

Act fast though, these specials are for today only and won’t come around again for another four years!! Do you know of any Leap Year deals near you?!


Hello December! We’re Ready For the Next Food Coma!

2 Dec

Outback's Gingerbread Martini.. YUM!

The turkey and stuffing is now in our rear view mirror which means it’s time to start thinking about caramel, peppermint, and gingerbread! It’s December and restaurants are already rolling out their holiday themed menu items! Some of these holiday products have become a tradition as customers have grown to expect certain drinks, meals, or desserts to grace the restaurant’s menus year after year while other restaurants are trying to top last year’s favorite holiday product with something more delicious and inventive.

So, what are some of the items we have been looking forward to since last year? Here’s two of our favorites:

Outback Steakhouse’s Gingerbread Martini: We’re usually looking for a hot drink during the holidays to sit by the fire with but this cold concoction may make you forget about hot chocolate for good. The martini is made with Absolut Vodka, gingerbread flavoring, Kahlúa, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. The rim is also ‘salted’ with graham crackers crumbs and served with whipped cream and a gingerbread cookie. No need to order dessert as well, don’t you think?

TCBY’S Frozen Yogurt: We expressed our enthusiasm for TCBY when they turned 30, but now we have a whole new reason to celebrate. Our favorite frozen yogurt chain is bringing back their eggnog and gingerbread flavored fro yo and we couldn’t be happier!

While we may be getting ready to pick up last year’s favorites, there’s a slew of new items waiting to satisfy our appetites. Here are the ones we’re going to be devouring first:

Pumpkin, and Pecan, and Eggnog oh my! Oh and don't forget the Gingerbread! The seasonally inspired hotcakes are now available at IHOP!

IHOP’s Holiday Hotcakes:  These seasonal goodies are super popular at IHOP which means moves need to be made fast. For a limited time only, you can order Pumpkin Praline, Eggnog, or White Chocolate Chip Mint pancakes. Probably not the healthiest options on the menu but definitely delicious!

McDonald’s Seasonal Drinks: Yes, you read this correctly, McDonald’s is on our list. While we usually think of Starbucks as the go-to for our seasonally flavored cups ‘o joe, my grandmother can’t stop raving about the new McDonald’s Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate. It might be the time can’t think of a better time to test it out.

Is anyone out there racing to Outback or TCBY for their seasonal items? Testing out IHOP’s Hotcakes or McDonald’s drinks? What restaurant is offering holiday fix this year?

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Serving Those Who Serve, Happy Veterans Day!

11 Nov

Happy Veterans’ Day! Today we salute the soldiers and their families who have supported them while they served their country. Members of the restaurant industry are showing their support today by offering free and discounted meals and menu items to vets and active military members, just show your military ID. Here are some of the national restaurant chains that are showing their appreciation with food:

  • Hooters – All veterans and active military personnel receive 10 free wings
  • Applebee’s – A free Applebee’s Signature entrée for all vets and active duty military members.
  • Golden Corral – Military appreciation dinner Monday 11/14, a free dinner to anyone who has ever served.
  • Outback Steakhouse – Serving a free Bloomin’ Onion and a Coke to all who have and are serving in the military.
  • McCormick & Schmick’s– Sunday 11/13 Veterans and active duty military receive complimentaryentrées.

    Thank you to all the Veterans and Active Duty Members of the Military.

Next year I would like to see some of the “higher end” restaurant chains participate in giving back on days like this. No disrespect to Hooters or Outback, they get a lot of props for giving back in what they’ve got to work with. But wouldn’t it be nice to see a Morton’s or Legal Seafood’s for example offer something back to a community that gives so much? We know that there are lots of independently owned establishments that are showing their support of Veterans Day today and over the weekend. If there is a local restaurant near you that is offering a deal, please feel free to leave a comment and give them a shout out for doing what they can to honor those who serve!