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Etta James Dies at 73

20 Jan
Etta James

Etta James passed away at age 73. She was a strong woman and a vocal legend. RIP Etta James.

This is turning out to be a bit of a morbid week for posts but I have to pay my respects to one of the all-time greats, Etta James, who passed away today at the age of 73. Etta James is most recognized for her song, “At Last” which she recorded in 1961 with Chess records. Her catalogue of songs includes hits in R&B, Gospel, Blues, and Rock and Roll. Like many artists of her generation she had her battles with drug addiction and for long periods of time was not able to make the most of her musical talent because of it.

And oh boy was she talented! Etta James had the kind of voice that rips through your soul and makes you feel every word of what she’s saying, like it or not. She could be soft, she could be strong, she could be sad, and she could be hard, but whatever she was she did it beautifully and with gusto . . . and she will be missed.

It is a rare gift to hear a voice like hers and even though there are many talented vocalists out there, precious few voices have the ability to effect you as powerfully as Etta’s. As for myself I can think of only three others who have moved me like Etta, Billy Holiday, Aretha Franklin, and Adele.

If you go out this weekend, hit up a jazz club. And if you hit up a jazz club, you’re bound to hear some Etta James. Hopefully they will do her the justice she deserves, may she rest in peace.

This is my favorite Etta James, I hope you enjoy!